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Potato I have



“Potato I have” is a citation taken from Ulysses by James Joyce. The potato, after a long travel from the new to the old world, found its way into the pocket of Mr. Bloom, who calls his shrivelled talisman “poor Mama´s panacea” – before he throws it away in the end.

“Potato I have” ist ein Zitat aus Ulysses von James Joyce. Nach einer langen Reise von der neuen in die alte Welt hat die Kartoffel ihren Weg in die Tasche von Mr. Bloom gefunden – der seinen verschrumpelten Talisman “poor Mama´s panacea” nennt – bevor er sie am Ende wegwirft.



Mahony live and work in Vienna and Berlin.


Searching without finding and seeing-sight with Mahony

Founded in 2002, Mahony is an artist collective comprised of Stephan Kobatsch, Jenny Wolka, and Clemens Leuschner. Developing an “aesthetic umbrella” under which to organize all of their multifarious activities, their collaborative production alludes to a decentered subjectivity, a collectivity not contingent on a singular identity. An assertion of mutual exposure and the overlay of different viewpoints, their name also takes on the image of other characters that are regarded by a single name in the popular imaginary. Indicating collaboration not only between the agents, but also between the group and numerous other communities and conspirators (including the audience, fabricators, invited assistants, unexpected associates, and even in dialogue with figures and communities from the past), their collective identity resonates with Jean-Luc Nancy’s assertion (in his book Être singulier pluriel [Being Singular Plural], 2000) that: “There is no meaning if meaning is not shared, and not because there would be an ultimate or first signification that all beings have in common, but because meaning is itself the sharing of Being.” Above all, Mahony’s practice is an investigation into epistemology, conjoining, comparing, and contrasting distinct forms of knowledge production to arrive at aesthetic and conceptual constellations that are greater than the sum of its parts. Their work deals with such themes as speculation, site specificity, material transformation, geography, and measurement, and they use abstract processes to orient themselves and their work in order to elaborate spatio-temporal displacement in artifacts and gestures. With backgrounds in stage design, photography, media, and sculpture, their multidisciplinary projects draw from historical and contemporary narratives and phenomena and never rely on any set form or material. Instead, the artists emphasize a process-oriented approach where information is fed through a series of structural, material and conceptual mediations that often produces unexpected results. [...]
excerpt of the text "Searching without finding and seeing-sight with Mahony" by Post Brothers, 2013. The text is published in Mahony´s publication Seeing Sight