#11 Andreas Waldén

Beacon Beam Bear Beast Beat




I figured it’s basially me pretending to do graffiti with watercolour on paper, and the paper is then pretending to be a wall. I like how the colour is layered and how it gets a little mushy. I like how it disintegrates, disappears and then turns up again. The scene is from my teenage years, and is a way to live out my fantasies of graffiti. I’ve been enjoying getting back into that now, and working through my tag. The photographs of these watercolours kind of ended up looking like paintings themselves.


See you soon,


Andreas Waldén (*1979 in Västerås, SE) is a visual artist based in Vienna, who primarily works with painting and drawing. His works deal with spatiality, surface, movement and mortality. Since 2017 he is releasing the publication series The Namnlös Archives on an irregular basis. @thenamnloesarchives