#3 Linda Reif


Linda Reif, "FULL FRONTAL LOOP", 2015.

Pencil, marker, electrical tape, aluminum and spray paint on cardboard, gelatin silver print.



It is easier to look at your front than your back. It is impossible to look inside, unless you turn inside out. If you do that nothing is where it belongs anymore, but where do things belong? And who am I to judge? Great, we need a spotlight. That’s so weird.

I got a white box from Caroline Heider. “It’s an exhibition space”, she said to me. “You can do whatever you want with it.” Nice. I stared at the box for hours. Then I opened it. Nothing happened. I decided to let the box produce it’s own image and transformed it into a pinhole camera. I placed it in front of a mirror. Spotlights on. And the box took a photograph of itself.



Linda Reif is an artist born and based in Vienna. Her work is strongly linked to her interest in lens-based media and her work methods reflect the disrespectful and unsentimental way she approaches photography. Experimentally and poetically she focuses on the gestures of creating images without aiming for technical perfection. Recent exhibitions include - ABOUT THE FEELING WHEN YOU ARE GOING UP THE STAIRS IN THE DARK AND YOU STUMBLE, BECAUSE YOU ARE EXPECTING ANOTHER STEP, BUT YOU’RE ALREADY AT THE TOP, KARST, Plymouth, UK - SUMMER HIT, Stasjon K, Sandnes, Norway - I AM LINDA REIF AND THIS IS MY GHETTO SHOW, ubik space, Vienna - THIN AIR, Gefängnisgalerie le Carceri, Kaltern, Italy - Closer, Galeria Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki